Intro and Masterpost

I am Janonny, or Jay, or Nonny, whichever floats your boat. :)  Here, you will find fanfiction (public), recs (occasional and public) and my personal musings/rants/life-stories (f-locked).

I am open to constructive criticism, and am happy to discuss and learn more about the ins-and-outs of writing. I admit that I don't always have the time to make necessary edits, especially if it's for a quick and dirty fic that I banged out for stress relief, but I'm always happy to receive constructive criticism for my future reference.

The other thing is that I do write quite a lot of porn when I'm stressed. You've been warned!

The fandoms I'm active in right now are Inception and The Social Network. Under the cut, you will find a Masterpost of my fics. Hope you enjoy!

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Fic: He’s Not Paid Enough to Deal with This Shit (1&2/3)

Title: He’s Not Paid Enough to Deal with This Shit | Posted on AO3 as well
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes BBC
Community: Written for Sherlock Reversebang (Pinch-hit)
Word Count: ~10,000
Pairings: Sherlock/John
Ratings: PG-13
Warnings: Non-graphic violence
Summary: John Watson returned from the war to an unfamiliar London, and in a moment of weakness, he accepted a job offer from Mycroft Holmes to work as his personal assistant slash doctor on retainer. It was hard work and often ridiculous, but it wasn’t anything John couldn’t handle. Then, he was sent to post bail for Mycroft’s brother.

Note: Part 1 and 3 are from John’s POV, and Part 2 is from Sherlock’s. Art by chrunchy_crunck's cute Mycroft/John art can be found here! Unfortunately, the art and fic aren't aligned. The original prompt was for Sherlock/John or Mycroft/John and obviously, I went the Sherlock/John direction without realising that the artist had produced new artwork. This is a danger when pinch-hitting, I have just discovered!

I would really like to thank astro_frog5 and david_of_oz for the amazing job they did editing this fic despite how little time there was left for beta reading! :O They both scrutinised the fic and gave me such detailed feedback, that I feel immeasurably better about it. If there are any issues or mistakes, it’s entirely on me, because I did have to rush through my edits. >_>

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Fic: Say That Again, But In English This Time (1/2)

Title: Say That Again, But In English This Time
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes BBC
Community: Written for Sherlock Reversebang
Word Count: ~16,000
Pairings: Sherlock/John
Ratings: NC-17
Warnings: Violence, sex
Summary: Lestrade was calling about a new murder, Sherlock was acting strange even for a consulting detective-werewolf, and John was missing blood from the fridge. Just another day in John’s life. (Alternate Universe where Sherlock is a werewolf, and John is a vampire. Everything else is exactly the same.)

1. My many thanks go to astro_frog5 who did a wonderfully thorough beta job and provided keen insights from a reader's perspective. My gratitude also goes todavid_of_oz  who went above and beyond Britpicking this fic. I really don’t know where this fic would be without the two of them! <3  Any mistakes you might find are my own — the longer I have this fic in my hands without posting, the harder I find it to resist further tinkering! — and I would appreciate if you would point them out so that I can correct them. :)

2. buhhhfaluffalo is the artist who drew the gorgeous werewolf artworks! Drop her a line at her LJ to share your love!

3. A&E stands for Accident and Emergency, a hospital department in the UK.

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Wanted: Beta reader

Requires: One beta reader

Regarding: Sherlock Holmes BBC Reversebang fic

Reason: To beta the Sherlock fic for SPAG errors and weird phrasing. Needs a sanity and plot check too.

Hellllooo, my friendslist. I appeal to your good nature to help my search for a beta reader. There aren't many beta volunteers on the Reversebang community, and I've already struck out with one who is already busy with another fic. It would be a bonus if this dream beta reader could also Britpick my writing, but it isn't a necessary requirement. So if you are willing, or know anyone who might be willing and interested, please do leave a comment or email me at j_nonny at yahoo dot com dot au.

The fic is a supernatural AU, and here's my tentative summary

Lestrade was calling about a new murder, Sherlock was acting strange even for a consulting detective werewolf, and John seemed to be missing blood from the fridge. Just another day in John's life.

It's approximately 15,000 words long, and it should be ready for a beta read tomorrow. I'll need it back by 29 May for the final draft submission. ;___;  Help?

Whyyyyyyyy, Janonny

Hiiiiiiiii... Here I am again. With another lame update. 

Things are a hell lot better in my life. I feel very different to how I was when I wrote my last post. There have been the occasional odd things that have happened in my life, but at least they were nothing earth-shattering. I do feel a little like a hermit recently, but I don't think that's a terrible thing at this stage.

Anywaaaaaaaaaay, I'm still writing fic for my Sherlock reversebang. >_>  It's not super long which totally makes me proud. 

Once I'm done with Reversebang, I'll get back to writing Days Go By Like A Ticking Bomb. I know, I know, it's been ages. Thank you to all those who sent encouraging messages over the past couple months! I'm so sorry that I have been so pathetic with the updates, but I will definitely finish Days Go By. This is a Help_Japan fic, so I really owe it to Ange! I have written more than I have posted, and I think I'm not too far off from finishing the fic actually. 

Days Go By is a bit of a beta-eater. :(  I'm not going to ask for any more beta-reader volunteers, because I'm afraid something bad will befall them. I'm a little worried for stitchy, who was so amazing a beta-reader I wanted to grovel at her feet to beta my stuff forever. I haven't heard from her for awhile, and it's a little worrying because the last email said she was almost done with one of the parts and she was going to send it the next day, so it seems weird to drop off then if it's a matter of being too busy to beta anymore. If any of you have heard from her, just drop me a message to let me know if she's alright. :( :( :(

I have still been neglecting LJ, because I'm hopeless, and at this stage, it seems too daunting a task to get back into. Lame excuses I know. Maybe I'll crawl back into LJdom when I'm done with Reversebang too!

You'll see fic from me soon, hopefully!

Hi, I'm back

I have been a non-entity for the past few weeks, and if you have abandoned my LJ, rightly so. Some of you might know that I hit a personal rough patch a couple (???) weeks ago, and then vanished. At that point in time, I wrote up an entry about what had happened. Then I deleted it. I wrote up an entry on my issues leading to me not being able to write in any detail about my personal life or family. I deleted that too. Sometimes, I think my issues have issues, and I don't even understand why they're so entrenched. 

In any case, I have kept myself really, incredibly busy. I submerged myself in the Sherlock fandom (lurking), in my various other hobbies (oh, so much money spent), in work (sometimes. other times, it was - why do I have to go to work, what is the point in all this). I have been sleeping 4 hours daily, because this ensures I crash when I hit the bed, and I don't have to do any infernal thinking. Any phone calls from my family sends me into panic mode (though this has tapered off). My boss asks me if I'm alright regularly, because he was unfortunate (for me) enough to be present for an unsightly breakdown. Look at all the brackets I have been using! Oh joy!

In any case, I have recently managed to put myself in a different headspace, by reading seven books in four days. I feel a little spaced out, and my brain is swirling with a variety of thoughts that don't actually have to do with me - a marked improvement.

I have been reluctant to show myself here again, because I didn't want to say "I'm back!" and then promptly sink into depression and disappear again. Except it seems stupid to keep worrying about something like that, and to be honest, I just remembered two days ago about the Sherlock Holmes Reversebang, so that has made the decision for me. It's also why I'm awake at 4AM, I just claimed a prompt. I reallyreally want to write about werewolves all of a sudden...and I'm glad that I will be able to now. :) 

Blahdiblah, Janonny. For those who are here for Days Go's so close to the end, yet I still haven't finished it off yet. Let me just re-engage with my beta-reader, and I'll get back to you on how that's going.

If you have reached the end of this babbling...what have you all been up to? 
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Fic: Days Go By Like A Ticking Bomb (8/12)

I can't believe I took so long to post this part. /o\  I'm really sorry! This story is still chugging along, I promise you that. Life has just been really insane, and writing has taken a backseat to other things.

If MS Words is to be trusted, this series (including stuff I have written but haven't posted) has gone over 40k words. HOW CAN THIS BE??

Fic Title: Days Go By Like A Ticking Bomb (8/12)
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~4957 words for Part 8
Summary: The one where Eduardo gets pregnant, and becomes the target of Mark's single-minded focus.

Notes: This fic is for elefante_locura's mpreg prompt as part of help_japan. I have so much gratitude for stitchy, for volunteering to beta this fic and doing such a thorough job of it! ♥ All mistakes are my own, and please feel free to comment/PM me with corrections if you spot any errors!

Please note that Chris and Dustin are still working with Mark in this verse.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7

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